The Wall Paper Make-up Assignment

For my 6th look on February the assignment was to make our own dress with wallpaper and apply makeup according with the theme. I choose Aya (who is also a makeup artist and a model) for this paper assignment, she was perfect for it and a very pacient, sweet and great attitude model.

Makeup, hair and dress by Alexandra Feo. photography by Bianca Toeps.

Makeup, hair and dress by Alexandra Feo. photography by Bianca Toeps.

Here some makeup test  I did on Aya weeks before the shooting with my inspiration board behind.


and the dress I made from approximately 5 meters of wall paper.


Last assignment was Audrey Hepburn style and natural look. Ill show it here when I have the Pics.

See you Then.


Rose Marie


Rose Marie

Rose Marie is the wife of De la Torre, they know each other since kids. Rose is the rock star of a band and travels around latinoamerica while on tour. De la Torre takes care of the son. She is currently doing a "How to be a serial killer online course", just as support material, she is a criminologist.

                   Rose Marie

Rose Marie es la esposa de De la Torre, se conocen desde niños. Rose es la estrella de una banda y viaja por toda latinoamerica cuando sale de gira. De la Torre cuida del hijo. Actualmente, toma un curso en línea de "Como ser un asesino en serie", solo como material de soporte, es criminóloga.


Photo/editing/model/story/make-up/styling by Alexandra Feo. Amsterdam 2013. Canon 5D markII.



De la Torre


De la Torre

Diego de la Torre was born in some of the Centro America's street in extreme poverty, surviving and fighting for life from first day. Now a men, is a professional street fighter, the fights are illegal but he earn good money for his wife and kid, is a healthy and quiet man. When he was 12 years old an astrologer told him he had been a ballet dancer in his previous life.

                   De la Torre

Diego de la Torre nació en alguna calle de Centro America en extrema pobreza, sobeviviendo, peleando por la vida desde el minuto uno. Ya de hombre es un peleador profesional de pelea de calle, son ilegales pero dan buen dinero para mantener a su esposa e hijo, es hombre sano y tranquilo. Cuando tenía 12 años, un astrologo le dijo que en su vida pasada habí sido una bailarina de ballet.


Photo/editing/model/story/make-up/styling by Alexandra Feo. Amsterdam 2013. Canon 5D markII.



The Marrakech Assignment

For this assignment the school asked me to work around the Marrakech theme, from minute number one I new I want to go simple and without bids, or crystals as this look would required for the school, Ill reserve that for one of my selfportraits so, I choose a more quietlysophisticated city night look for Kim my model who came into action to help me for that day, she was fresh, and full of energy and strong faces at the moment of pose for the photographer but she is a sweet sweet girl in person. I left the bling bling for the spectacular handmade neclace by Cake & Troubles. from italy.

 Make-up and Styling by Alexandra Feo. Photography by Nancy Schoemaker.



And One day I Became a Makeup artist.

This is the look I prepared for my  make-up graduation last year in May. Sanne my dear friend in Amsterdam (also my model many other times) was my support and she helps me to be the second highest grade of my class.

My choice of theme was "Mother Nature Wears Spring". I think in make-up I feel more comfortable into the fantasy editorial side, I like to create back grounds and stories, tales and scenes a mixing of old master painters with the technology of the camera and striking makeup with out of this world props is what I enjoy the most, hopefully when I finish this second year school I will be able to create my own world at home.


Make-up, hair and styling by Alexandra Feo. Photography by Bianca Toeps.


Westwood and Prada in my own words.

For this assignment I had to create my own interpretation of Prada spring 2013 and for styling and Vivienne Westwood spring 2013 for hair and make-up and make them work together. The school assignment me a model which I was fortunate enough to work with Julia a strong beauty.

Hair, make/up and stuling by Alexandra Feo. Photographer Bianca Toeps.

And extras pics from the process, I practiced in my Dutch muse Rosw who gave all her patience for quick session of make-up, hair and pics.




Lexis The Peacock Goddess

The first assignment for my master class year of make-up was Cirque de Soleil, I had to create something related with the the new show Amaluna so I choose a peacock goddess. Lexis was my model for the day an exotic, Dutch, Danish and Egyptian beauty that suit perfect for the roll.

Makeup, accesories and styling by Alexandra Feo.

Makeup, accesories and styling by Alexandra Feo. Photography by mieke petite school

and here some sneack peack of the process I go while preparing the class and practice on myself.


bye bye... more to come!