People of Amsterdam: The Architect of Dreams.

Addison Mather

Denver, United States

Elementary school student, grapes lover.









The Architect of Dreams.

He was born in a special time on a special planet where you could build realities through your dreams so, he became a Dream Architect, he had enough knowledges of dimensions and inter-terrestrial worlds to give good advices to build your reality in accordance with your dreams. He also teaches classes as a dream architect at the university, his students say he makes magic during classes, transforming regular objects into pure architectonic art. In his world, the younger you are the wiser you are considered. He is 10 years old the equivalent of 735 years old on Earth. 



Photo/editing/story/make-up/styling by Alexandra Feo. Amsterdam 2012.


People Of Amsterdam: The Witch of Town

Roswitha de Joode

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Aspiring hotelier and the sweetest dutch girl ever.








The Witch of Town

People get petrified when she passes by their side, she is the most frightening habitant of the town, they say she eats little rabbit's hearts and grows flowers just to let them dry but, it is all gossips. She got bad press from a celebrity witch magazine after a big public fight for the presidency of the Witch Craft Council of the town. In reality Florinda (her real name) is just the sweetest creature, she grows wild strawberries just to feed little birds and is a vegetarian. She stopped caring about the gossips some ltime ago, she ordered a big container of "puros cubanos" and just spends her afternoons enjoying them quietly.


Photo/editing/story/make-up/styling by Alexandra Feo. Amsterdam 2012.


People of Amsterdam: The Anonymous Writer.

Sanne Kalkman

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Master student, pushed for me to be a model.










The Anonymous Writer

Sarah was an anonymous writer, very successful after her death, she wrote passional crimes novels and hard core porn, she claimed to have a special connection with the universe to which she connected using opium. Finally, she got lost in another dimension trap in her imagination with her crimes and triple X porn for ever, she never came back, The people around said, after she got lost she was happier than ever reliving different characters every day, living a life full of adventure.


Photo/editing/story/make-up/styling by Alexandra Feo. Amsterdam 2012.




People of Amsterdam: Lady Margarita.


Ali Fisher

Miami, United States.

Lawyer/Teacher, in love with sardine avocado sandwich.










Lady Margarita

Lady Margarita was a spy in the 50's, she got the perfect look the KGB was looking for in 1957 for a special mission inside the United States. Born in La Habana, from spy parents she was raised in Miami Florida where her future as a spy was planned from the beginning. So, at 17 she was sent to the former Soviet Union to learn the skills of the craft, in her first assignment she was gifted with a lip pencil microphone and a comunication unit in a rose mirror shape. Important documentation with a plan for the foundation of a Wikileaks organization were found at her home after her arrest in 2004. She was 64 and living in Washington DC.




Photo/editing/story/make-up/styling by Alexandra Feo. Amsterdam 2012.


People of Amsterdam: Queen of Pearls


Petra Timmermans 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Human Rights Activist and Hard Core Knitter.








Queen of Pearls

The Queen of Pearls was adored for the people of her Kingdom of pearls in a mistery island that doesn't appear on the world map, around the Norwegian sea. She used to be a very blissful and generous woman with her pearl possessions but a black pearl she ate one day made her nuts. She started developping an obession for collecting pearls until it went out of control and she started freezing people to take their pearls. She got expelled from her own kingdom to the south of the planet to rehab but escaped two weeks later. Some reports confimed her presence in a pearl farm in the South China Sea a paradise for pearl lovers.


Photo/editing/story/make-up/styling by Alexandra Feo. Amsterdam 2011.



People of Amsterdam: Ariel the Poet. 

Nicolas Uthurriague

La Bretagne, France

Information Engineer, my husband.






Ariel the Poet

Ariel used to be an angel but he had reborn as a silence poet, he listens, observes and processes all the bad of the world until a white tear drops down his cheeck and gives everything back in love shape. It is his mission. He found the angel wings in a custom shop for €9.99 it is not part of his mission but he loves to collect them in different colors. He is dealing with a chocolate compulsion, but he is working on it.


Photo/editing/story/make-up/styling by Alexandra Feo. Amsterdam 2011.


Attention! People of Amsterdam

"People of Amsterdam" is a makeup and portrait project I started working on it at the end of 2011 while assisting to my first year of makeup school. Keeping with my fascination of explore and transforming peoples faces through makeup and outfits I asked my friends around in Amsterdam if they will let me play... and then we play together. I also  keep accompany each character with a short tale. I´ll reveal one portrait per day and then it will be permanently available in my web.

This first series includes 7 portraits and a new cue of friends is waiting for more feathers and sequences. Thanks you so much to all my patient models/friends that bare with me during 4 and 5 hours of work.

Stay close.