This is me, my name is Alexandra Feo.

Madame Portrait is my personal project started in 2010while living in Tokyo Japan where I experiment with make-up, styling and photography.

I perform characters, moments and moods in the privacy of my home, play in front of the camera and leave evidence of those moments in photos.

These are experiments of myself with myself. Each photo is accompanied with a short tale as I love to create small absurd stories.

Photography is part of the activities in my art studio at my home in Amsterdam where I experiment with painting, textiles, accessories design, drawing and any form of art that I found interesting. 

The portraits in the gallery were shoot with a Nikon Coolpix L100 and a Canon 5D MarkII, I edit mainly with Lightroom and Photoshop CS4.

Other things I do:

Madame Craft - my art & craft blog

Alexandra Feo - all my work, art, photography, craft, make-up, design.



Esta soy yo, mi nombre es Alexandra Feo.

Madame Portrait es un proyecto personal comenzado en 2010 durante mi tiempo en Tokio Japon donde experimento con maquillaje, estilismo y fotografía.

Interpreto personajes, momentos y estados de animo en la intimidad, juego frente a la cámara y dejo constancia de esos momentos en fotos.

Son experimentos de mi misma conmigo misma. Cada foto tiene una pequeña historia, adoro contar pequeñas y absurdas historias.

Tengo un pequeño estudio de arte en casa donde experimento con, pintura, dibujo, telas, costura, accesorios y cualquier otra forma de arte que me interese, fotografía es una parte primordial dentro de mi estudio

Los retratos en la galería fueron tomados con una Nikon Coolpix L100 y ahora con una Canon 50D MarkII, edito en Lightroom y photoshop CS4.

Otras cosas que hago:

Madame Craft - mi blog the art & craft

Alexandra Feo - all my work, art, photography, craft, make-up, design.



Alexandra Feo now lives at the top of an 1930´s building in the ancient city of Amsterdam. Like a character out of her own pictures, however, her story began in a land far, far away. 

Feo spent her childhood playing in the dressing rooms of the opera and ballet theatres in Caracas, Venezuela.  Her toys were the perfumes, makeup, wigs, lace, sequins and period clothes of the divas and prima ballerinas.  She herself took music and piano lessons for almost ten years and trained as a dancer for more than two decades, spending these formative years of life between Opera and Ballet theatres, she developed the love and passion for the aesthetic of the stage arts. Instead of a life on stage, however, she took to the road.

She lived for years in New York City, Barcelona, London and Tokyo before arriving in Amsterdam two years ago. It was in Tokyo that she discovered her way with a camera.  Shortly thereafter, she made her first self-portrait and was hooked.


About her work

The self-portraits in this site were made over five years. During that time, Feo not only created the photographs but also the stories included in each character. She moved from Tokyo to Amsterdam where she began attending make-up school and complete a master in make-up.  The evidence of her developing skills as well as her many journeys is sprinkled throughout the gallery.